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Wrap Boss offers a full service experience. We can tint your windows, we can detail your car back to a factory level clean, we can install decals and stickers to customize the exterior, we can paint match it and we can repair dents or damage. We can replace bumpers, lights, fenders etc. We are a one stop shop from start to finish.

Wrap Boss Auto Spa is fully insured so you can rest assured that your investment is safe while in our hands.

Wrap Boss Auto Spa deals with all makes and models of cars/trucks and even motorcycles and boats.

We are fully trained by 3M and Suntek and stay up to date on all the latest trends and techniques.

We do not price match. We have carefully curated our price list to reflect our level of skills and training. We have very competitive prices and are fairly priced in the market. A customer looking for a quality job will not order a service based upon price alone. If you are looking for the cheapest shop, then we are not the shop for you. 

We love luxury cars just as much as anyone else. We have a special line of chemicals and low foam soaps that we reserve for use upon a luxury or exotic car. Our staff are fully trained on how to care for luxury fabrics, leathers and paint to protect your investment.

Details can be anywhere from a quick in-and-out 30 minute wash/vacuum to a 6 hour full package. The length of time your car will be here will be determined by how dirty your car is and what package you pick. A full tint is generally completed in under 3 hours and a full car wrap is 3-5 days.

An appointment is required for nearly all services but we will do our absolute best to fit you in if you pop by. We book typically a week out so making an appointment is the best way to ensure we have enough time to get you taken care of.

We are working on offering a financing option for the full vehicle wraps, and we do offer a PRE PAY option on layaway. If you would like to leave a deposit and begin a layaway to prepay for your treatment, we will create a file for you and track your payments electronically until you’re paid in full.

Yes, we do offer wrap services for motorcycles!

We do not have loaner cars but we can definitely arrange for a ride home if you’re having a lengthy service done with us.